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The "Free Car Guru" has found 16 proven methods for driving a free car!

A broke bartender uses Method #3 to drive a brand new P.T Cruiser for FREE!

A stay-at-home soccer mom put Method #6 into action and drives a shiny new mini-van for FREE!

A very motivated, smart, young professional used Method #16 and now drives a new luxury sports car (every year) for free!

A penniless college student worked for just 5 hours and received a free car by using Method #12!

A typical suburban middle class couple (with kids) set up their system using Method #10 and now enjoy having 2 late model cars in their driveway for free!

One of these 16 proven methods WILL work for you!


Method #1 of 16

The First Method is the also most publicized: Apply For A Free "Wrapped Car"
This can be the fastest and easiest way to get the keys to your brand new car.

free car, no car payments, car wrap, free car guru What is a "Wrapped Car"?

To put it simply, a car gets "wrapped" in a special vinyl decal, from front to back.
(this vinyl doesn't damage the car's finish!)

It's a fairly new form of advertising (branding) and the sponsor companies say it's working VERY well for them!

Companies "wrap" these brand new cars with their advertising and find drivers to drive them around during their regular day to day routine, displaying these ads.
They get their message exposed to a wider audience, and the driver gets a free brand new car. If you are accepted you only pay for gas and insurance.

One of our "car wrap" companies recently announced it has 500,000 cars ready to be driven for free!

This is a terrific way to drive a free new car!

We have a huge database of companies looking to take your application online NOW!
They need to get these cars on the road fast!

Unfortunately, most applicants don't take the time to consider what these car wrap companies are looking for. The majority of people simply click on a link and submit their application. A little preparation can make a huge difference. The majority of applicants DON'T get a free wrapped car. To improve your chances dramatically you'll receive some valuable tips and insight you'll need to consider BEFORE you start applying!
(This information alone is worth more than the price of this whole program!)

Most people simply don't know the SMART WAY to apply!

It is vital you understand the type of situation these companies are looking for BEFORE you submit your online application! With this inside information you can rocket your application to the top of the pile!

Reality Check
You know the old expression,
"If it sounds too good to be true..."
Please make sure you read this "reality check" before you purchase!
(click here for your reality check)

Inside the ebook "16 Proven Ways To Drive A Free Car" you will learn exactly what these car wrap companies are looking for!

You'll learn HOW to apply and have the greatest chance of approval. You'll receive instant access to my current database of companies looking for your online application today!

My database is constantly being updated!

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"What If You Want A Car Without All Those Ads On It?"

The GOOD NEWS is there are many ways to do just that, they just aren't as well known!

16 Proven Ways To Drive A FREE Car is the only program that shows you these alternate, less publicized methods. Most of our competitors "Get Paid To Drive" websites offer a set of links to the car wrap companies looking for drivers. (They don't even offer guidance on how to apply properly!). I will give you the online application links, detailed help to make your application stand out, and then show you the other proven methods I've uncovered and verified that private individuals are using to drive a free car, WITHOUT a car wrap!

You'll get the details to all 16 proven methods!

You could spend hundreds of hours researching and investigating ways to drive for free, OR you can read the results of hundreds of hours of our investigation.

I've done all the research for you! I've spent thousands of dollars, bought ALL the books, cd's and reports, went to the private seminars and conducted complete investigations. I spent the time to verify what was real and what was speculation, theory or just BS!

I have proven that ALL these documented methods really work! I found real people who were actually driving free cars TODAY!
(The majority of these lesser known methods don't require you to put advertising on the car!)

get paid to driveIn an average parking lot it would be almost impossible to pick out
the one or two cars that are being driven for free.

Maybe you could guess by the smile on the drivers face!

Most of these methods are very different from each other,
but they have ALL been tested, verified and proven to work!

Imagine Living Without Monthly Car Payments!


guarantee"No Risk 8 Week 100% Money Back Guarantee"

I'm so confident that this information will help you eliminate your car payments that I'll take all the risk! Should there be ANY reason that you are not completely satisfied with this revealing ebook, I will gladly refund your money with no hassles, no headaches, no questionnaires or weasel clauses.

To be fair, simply reading the ebook won't get you a free car. You'll actually have to do SOMETHING! (take some action). Please read our "reality check" statement before you purchase. If you just try putting this information to use I'm sure you will be delighted with the results. If you aren't satisfied with the information, I'll send you an immediate refund. I guarantee that this information will show you a "free car method" that will work for YOU!

That's more than a guarantee, that's my promise!

"16 PROVEN Ways To Drive A Free Car"

Here's what you'll find in this ebook...

Your exclusive link to the database of instant online car wrap company applications get paid to drive

Valuable step-by-step information on exactly HOW TO apply to these car wrap companies

A current list of car wrap companies that will PAY YOU to wrap your current vehicle!
(Earn up to $3,400 per month!)

All the details of other, little known ways that real people are using to drive a FREE Car!

Examples of these 16 Proven Ways being used by ordinary people, in everyday life, TODAY!

and much, much more.......

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And if you order your copy today you'll also receive.......

Bonus #1

Another revealing report:
"How To Own A Car with NO Money, NO Down Payment And
"Worse Than Terrible" Credit!

Everybody goes through tough times. If you have had a bad run but are on your way back up, this bonus report will show you how to get behind the wheel of a nice car or truck, even after the bank and credit company laughed you out of their office.

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Bonus #2

There are a few other little known methods for driving a free car that I have found, but been unable to verify. These will be included for you to read and research/try for yourself. One of the "extra" methods was something I just wouldn't feel comfortable doing, but I'll let you decide for yourself.

Also, there is another way to eliminate your monthly car payments that can only be described AFTER you've read all the other methods. These "extra" methods will be included with your purchase of the ebook!

Retail value: ??? (included free with your purchase)

Bonus #3

I like to surprise my valued customers with a few "unadvertised bonuses". Without going into great detail, some of these "thank you" bonuses can be worth MUCH more than the price of this program. One bonus can even put a substantial amount of money in your pocket in just one evening WITHOUT selling anything, talking on the phone, or any of the typical bizop junk you run into!
(you'll have to buy the program to find out what my "thank you" bonuses are!)

Retail value: At least $100 to you (included free with your purchase)

Please remember my "No Risk 8 Week 100% Money Back Guarantee."
I guarantee you'll benefit from this information or you don't pay a penny!

Your gonna love the free car lifestyle,



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